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Releasing Blog 4.0

Releasing Blog 4.0


Blog v4.0 released - May the 4th be with you! We recreated everything from scratch using the latest best-practices from 2sxc 11. Enjoy and modify to your 💖's content!

Getting Started with Blog

Read about the blog release, features and more in our blog 😎.

Take a look at these azing checklists, if you need help.

This Demo-Post Shows...

This post has everything configured that is possible:

  • Title of the post
  • Automated url key for google optimization
  • Date from which the post is to be shown
  • The content of the post (this text)
  • Teaser, which will be shown in list and detail view
  • The main image of the post
  • Image Hotspot to make sure the most important area of the main image is always visible
  • Categories and tags to keep the posts organized
  • The author of the post
  • Show on start page which takes effect if you implement the Home top posts view
  • Meta title and Meta description for SEO
  • Sharing description which is used when the post is shared